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MY SHEMEN Booster Oil Ultimate - My Shemen 30ml

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150.00 Grams
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Booster oil - an oil consisting of a mixture of five natural and quality oils, which contribute to the health of the skin and increase its moisture and elasticity.
The oil is pampering and pleasant to the touch, easily absorbed and nourishes the skin.
The booster oil is excellent as an addition to the creams you like, especially for those who have an addictive smell and sometimes want to add extra purple to them.
The oil can be used as a substitute for many skin care products.
Studies show that cannabis seed oil functions as the best anti-aging agent available in nature, it contains all 21 amino acids needed for skin vitality and that is why it is so nutritious

Cannabis seed oil, vitamins, amino acids, jojoba oil, avocado oil, macadamia oil, moringa oil.
The oils in the product add moisture to the skin, encourage the production of collagen and vitamin E and contribute to smooth and radiant skin.

For external use only.
Contains 30 ml.