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ReadyMan DIY Acrylic Training Lock Assembly Kit

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How to Assemble the READYMAN DIY Lock from Jason Ross on Vimeo.

The DIY Acrylic Training Lock Assembly Kit is an effective and fun way to learn how basic padlocks work, and how to pick them.

This kit is a broken-down version of our Acrylic Training Lock, which allows you an even greater understanding of how padlocks function.

The DIY kit comes with a parts organizer and includes instructions on how the barrel, pins, tumbler, springs, shackle, and key all worth together. 

This kit includes:

  • Organized lock and tool case with foam cut-outs for each part
  • Medium Hook Pick
  • Tension Wrench
  • Springs
  • Pins
  • Key with spare
  • Shackle

how to pick a lock from Jason Ross on Vimeo.



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