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Reusable Children's Fabric Face Mask

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  • This black child sized fabric face mask is sized to best fit children over the age of 6-13 years.
  • It covers the top of the nose down to underneath the chin.
  • Mask is made with an inside pocket to hold a filter. it is healthy and safe for you to use.
  • Breathable material and cute patterns, which makes it useful and fashionable.
  • Provides some protections against dust, automobile exhaust, pollen, etc.
  • Elastic ear loop, easy to wear and no pressure to the ears. nail salon or any other areas where protection might be required.
  • This mask made of environmental friendly material, moisture-proof, non-, non-irritating, soft and comfortable.

**These are NOT medical grade face masks **

<<< Recommended to wash and/or sanitize your mask before and in between each use. >>>

<<< Do not leave child unattended while they are wearing this mask. Do not let children sleep with this mask on. Possible suffocation and/or choking hazard. >>>

Wearing a face mask is not a promise that you will not catch a virus, viruses can also pass through the eyes and tiny viral aerosol particles, can infiltrate the masks. However, droplet-capturing masks are effective in reducing the transfer of Coronavirus water droplets, and some studies have estimated protection about five times as high as no barriers (although others have found lower efficacy levels).