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Sabre Red Pepper Spray for Self-defense Black 22 ml

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38.00 Grams
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Sabre Red Pepper Spray for Self-defense Black 22 ml

Pepper sprays are designed to prevent an attacker from completing his crime, legally and with as little risk to the defensive person as well as the attacker.

The "Sabra Red" company produces the best pepper spray in the world and is identified with the phrase "making men cry since" 1975.

Sabra's pepper spray can be found in use by the Ministry of Defense, the Israel Police, the Israel Defense Forces, the New York Police, Chicago, Finland, Sweden, Turkey, Norway, the Netherlands, and hundreds of other organizations around the world.

  • Winner of the Most Powerful Pepper Gas, Best Tactical Pepper Gas, and Most Effective Case Awards
  • American, Canadian, and Scandinavian standard character bearer
  • No restraints or pressure drop
  • The Sabra pepper spray is sprayed through a nozzle that disperses it in a cone shape for maximum protection
  • One tank provides up to 35 sprays that spray up to a distance of 3 meters
  • Technical characteristics:
  • Weight 21.2 grams
  • Includes clip