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SAM® Pelvic Sling II Standard

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260.00 Grams
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  • Color - Olive.
  • Easy to use. Just insert belt through buckle, pull strap, and secure.
  • Standard size fits 98% of population, no need to cut or trim to size.
  • Scientifically and clinically proven to provide safe and effective force to stabilize pelvic fractures, buckle maintains correct force; cannot be over-tightened.
  • Reusable fabric does not stretch. Cleanse for re-use with standard detergent of anti-microbial solutions.
  • Low friction posterior slider facilitates transfers.

The SAM® Pelvic Sling II stands alone as the only pelvic binder pre-programmed to apply the safe and correct force for all pelvic fractures. Trauma surgeons around the world recognize the importance of stabilizing pelvic fractures during the critical first “golden hour” following severe trauma. Because of the potentially devastating hemorrhage associated with such fractures, standard first aid protocol includes applying some type of circumferential binder around the patient’s hips.

It is scientifically proven in peer-reviewed studies to safely and effectively reduce and stabilize open-book pelvic ring fractures. The SAM® Pelvic Sling II was designed not to over-tighten or under-tighten, unlike other commercial binders which allow unlimited force to be .applied to the patient. The SAM Pelvic Sling II offers a simple one-piece design with no detachable hardware. It is compact, Latex free, easy to use (only three steps), and quick to apply (usually in less than one minute).  Our standard size fits, without cutting or trimming, 95% of the adult population. The patented SAM® AUTO-STOP buckle is programmed to stop your pull once the correct compression force has been obtained. Two prongs are released from the buckle, which stops the belt from further tightening.  (It does not require a fine touch to operate  and gives clear feedback by sound and feel to confirm correct application.) The sling is durable and unaffected by extremes of moisture and temperature or by exposure to hard or sharp objects. It is also radiolucent, MRI conditional, and can be cleaned for re-use with common detergents or anti-microbial solutions



The patented SAM® AUTOSTOP buckle acts to avoid over- or under-tightening of SAM® Pelvic Sling. Once optimal compressive force is reached, two prongs activate, clicking to confirm correct application. The sling is secured in place with its Velcro® system strap.


SAM® Pelvic Sling is designed for maximum comfort, able to withstand extreme temperature or exposure to hard or sharp objects while remaining comfortable for extended durations. And its standard size fits 95% of the adult population.

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    It very easy to use.

    Posted by Suteevit Pisalchockworakul on 27th May 2019

    I think, i can help more PT in my country.