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Sawyer Fast Fill Adapters for Hydration Packs

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Sawyer Fast Fill Adapters for Hydration Packs

  • The Sawyer Hydration Pack Fast Fill Adapters allow you to fill your hydration pack with clean water without having to take it out of your bag.
  • You attach the adapters to the hose of your hydration pack, then click the mouthpiece off, click the water filter on, and fill your hydration pack via the hose.
  • The adapters are suitable for the Sawyer Micro Squeeze, Squeeze and Mini water filters.
  • The hose of your hydration pack must have an inner diameter of approximately 6.4 mm.

How it works

  • To install the adapters, cut your hydration pack hose a few centimeters from the mouthpiece.
  • Then insert the white 'quick disconnect' adapters into the hose on both sides.
  • This ensures that you can click the mouthpiece loose from the drinking tube.
  • Then, when you want to fill your hydration pack, unscrew the mouthpiece and screw the Fast Fill Adapter onto the end of your (Micro) Squeeze water filter (on the side where the arrow points).
  • You can click this into the drinking tube, enabling you to fill your hydration pack while it's still in your backpack.
  • If you're using the Sawyer Mini, you don't have to screw on the Fast Fill Adapter: just remove the tube from the threaded part and slide it over the end of the Mini, then click it onto your drinking tube