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Self Inflating Camping Sleeping Mattress

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Self inflating camping mattress.
The mattress is 3 cm / 1.5" thick, making it comfortable for the perfect night sleep outdoors.
You can say goodbye to a sore back after sleeping outdoors due to stones and bumps on the ground.
Made of high quality, thick, ergonomic, inflatable and soft foam providing comfort for your neck, back, and body.
The mattress is tear-resistant and water proof, making it perfect for outdoor activities such as: trekking, traveling, camping, hiking and more.
Despite its thickness and durability the mattress weighs only 1 kg / 2.2 lbs, making it light and easy to carry on your outdoor travels.
The dimensions of the mattress are: 190 cm X 60 cm X 3 cm / 75" x 24" x 1.2" when open.
When rolled up: 30 cm X 18 cm / 12" x 7" when stored in the carry bag.



To inflate:

  1. Unroll mattress - do not sit on, or put weight onto the mattress.
  2. Unscrew the plastic valve a few turns - you will hear the air entering the valve.
  3. Air automatically enters the mattress and inflates to a thickness of 3 cm / 1.5".
  4. Screw the plastic valve closed.

To deflate:

  1. Unscrew the plastic valve a few turns.
  2. Fold the mattress in half, lengthways.
  3. Roll up the mattress tightly - you will hear the air exiting the valve.
  4. Close the plastic valve.
  5. Replace the elastic strap and fit the mattress into the storage bag.



  • Thickness: 3 cm / 1.5".
  • Size: 190 cm X 60 cm X 3 cm / 75" X 24" X 1.2".
  • Size when packed: 30 X 18 cm / 12 X 7 inch.
  • Folds into a compact storage bag.