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Set Of 4 Extra Strong Resistance Bands For Fitness Training

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1,020.00 Grams
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Mobility resistance bands are particularly strong, used for a wide range of exercises - improving flexibility, explosive strength training, resistance in pushing exercises , pull ups, pre workout warmups and so on. Made of latex rubber. Can be used for the following purposes: Stretching shoulders, Back rotation, Improving the squat, Stretch to the Achilles heel, Stretching to the lower back.

The Mobility rubber bands are available in 4 different degrees of difficulty, strength and resistance, which allow you to adapt the rubber band to your needs:

Easy Level red color 13 mm: Estimated resistance - 7-16 kg / 15-35 lbs
Medium grade black color 23 mm: Estimated resistance - 11.5-29.5 kg / 25-65 lbs
Hard grade purple color 33 mm: Estimated resistance - 16-38.5 kg / 35-85 lbs
Very hard grade green color 43 mm: Estimated resistance - 23-57 kg / 50-125 lbs