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Special Offer: SAM Extremity Tourniquet XT + 4" Israeli Bandage + Chito-SAM 100, 4" x 4"

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  • Save money with this special offer!
  • Official SAM Extremity Tourniquet XT.
  • 4" Israeli Bandage with pressure applicator that creates an immediate direct pressure to the wound site.
  • 100% chitosan hemostatic dressing designed to stop lethal bleeding fast.
  • A must have combination in every first aid kit.

A must have combination in every first aid kit, includes: SAM Extremity Tourniquet XT, 4" Israeli Bandage, and Chito-SAM 100, 4" x 4" Single Ply Hemostatic Dressing.


Chitosan has an extensive history of use in emergency, cardiac surgery, military and retail first aid with no reported problems. Polysaccharides have substantial history of internal use in the human body to stop bleeding. ChitoSAM™100 is a high performance 100% chitosan hemostatic dressing designed to stop lethal bleeding fast. It is easy to use, extremely effective, and safe. ChitoSAM™ 100 works independently of the body’s normal clotting processes.

Unlike most hemostatic dressings, ChitoSAM™ 100 is made of non-woven, 100% chitosan. The hemostatic performance is equivalent compared to products impregnated or coated with chitosan hemostatic agents.

SAM XT Tourniquet 

Slack is the main cause of failed tourniquet application. SAM XT's TRUFORCE™ Buckle technology auto-locks at a predetermined amount of circumferential force, eliminating nearly all tourniquet slack. Simply CLICK, TWIST, and SECURE for a life-preserving tourniquet application.

4" Israeli Bandage

The Israeli Emergency Bandage consolidates numerous treatment equipment into a single unit and provide in one device:

Non-adherent pad. Eliminating the risk of causing pain and having the wound re-opened upon removal of the bandage.

Pressure Applicator. Creating the immediate direct pressure to the wound site.

Secondary Sterile Dressing. Keeping the wound area clean and maintaining the pad and pressure on the wound firmly in place, including immobilization of the injured limb or body part.

Closure Bar. Enabling closure and fixation of the Emergency Bandage at any point, on all parts of the body: no pins and clips, no tape, no velcro, no knots.

Quick and easy application and Self-application. Designed with the end-user in mind; for the first-aid trained and the lay care-giver.

Significant per treatment time and cost savings.