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Sprague Rappaport Stethoscope

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The most widely used stethoscope in the healthcare industry. Five stethoscopes-in-one design. Comes with a full accessory pouch with interchangeable parts to customize to the user's needs.


  • eliminates the need for different stethoscopes for infants, children, and adults.
  • With a special round body design, this product is intended to be used in identifying high and low heart tones as well as cardiovascular sounds
  • The ear piece is designed to be automatically adjustable according to the user/s facial form and angle of auricles to achieve an optimal performance of wearing.


Converting in 5 different ways, this instrument takes the places of all other stethoscopes and actually functions as 5 stethoscopes for 5 specific purposes in one unit.

Designed for all purposes, 3 different sizes of bell type chest pieces are furnished in addition to the original 2 diaphragms, large and small, making up one complete set Each diaphragm or bell, therefore, suits each specific purpose.

  1. LARGE DIAPHRAGM: Generally, this chest piece is used to detect heart sounds of low frequency, diastolic and third heart sounds a well as first and second heart sounds. The high pitched murmurs emitting from the heart is also detectable.
  2. SMALL DIAPHRAGM: This is designed to hear infant heart sounds of high pitched nature
  3. ADULT SIZE BELL: To pinpoint low and medium. pitched sounds and murmurs this bell is very useful
  4. MEDIUM SIZE BELL: Concentrates on narrow spots such as between ribs or any other small places to detect low and medium pitched sounds or murmurs
  5. INFANT SIZE BELL: Best suits the examination of infants and small children Low and medium. pitched sound and murmurs emitting from infant heart are best sensed by this belli

You will find all these combinations are astonishingly well designed and their high sensitivities will enable you to clearly discern low and high frequencies and to hear the laintest murmurs with ease.

Also spare ear tips of 3 different sizes are furnished enabling the user to choose a pair that best fits him for comfortable use They are packed in a compact small case put with 3 bell type chest pieces, and 2 spore transparent plastic diaphragms, large and small.


A. First put the binaural lips into ears

B. A soft tapping of the diaphragm by your finger will let the sounds come through and you cant tell if it is in working position

C. If you don't hear the tapping sound rotate the head 180 where it clicks to settle in the ready position Facing opposite side

D. Then tap again and you will hear the tapping sounds which means the instrument is correctly set for use

E. Now you can diagnose the examinee with the stethoscope F) Go through the same procedures when you convert from one chest piece to another