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Sunlab Solar Cooking Laboratory For Children

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Sunlab Solar Cooking Laboratory

Designed for children, the Sunlab allows you to discover solar cooking with an educational and gourmet experience.
After building the oven using the 3C rule (concentration-conservation-capture), the young solar chefs make many creative recipes.
Fruit skewers with melted chocolate, vegetable spreads with cheese, dishes to reheat.
Fun and easy to use and to reuse, the Sunlab can be taken anywhere.
  • NO FIRE - safe and fun for children - adult supervision is always recommended
  • Slow and ecological cooking
  • Reaching temperatures between 40 and 80°C
  • Zero waste packaging
  • Easy to take anywhere with you
  • Kids can create their own recipes - educational and innovative
  • Learn about the energy of the sun

9 S.Reflect mirrors
1 thermometer (°C & °F)
1 ramekin and 1 silicone spoon mold
2 wooden chopsticks
1 educational user manual

How does it work?

  • Open the cooking drawer, place its preparation in a dish, close it again
  • Position facing the sun with the sight line
  • Orient the mirror panel using the rods to reflect the rays back into the transparent window, it gets hot!