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Syringe Dispenser for Providing Medication to Babies

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60.00 Grams
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The product is made of soft silicone that has a food standard.

Specifically adapted to the baby's oral cavity and allows the baby to be given liquid medication.

The easy and effective way to give a precise baby medication.

Includes a cup for pumping the medication.

Safe for use with babies and children.

Without BPA.

User manual:

After inserting the medicine into the beaker, the syringe-pacifier should be placed on the beaker and pumped into the syringe.

The pacifier should be inserted into the baby's mouth so that it sits on its tongue.

Carefully press the syringe bar so that the liquid flows slowly through the two suction outlet openings into the oral cavity.

The syringe dispenser should be removed from the baby's mouth at the end of use.


1. Before and after each use, the product should be cleaned and rinsed in warm water.

2. Do not push the syringe-pacifier too deep into the oral cavity.

3. At the end of use, the syringe should be removed from the baby's mouth.

4. Children and infants should be kept away from them.