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The Young Researcher's Kit for Trips and Outdoor Activities

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100.00 Grams
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The perfect kit for kids who want to explore the nature around them.

Appreciation will encourage curiosity and will cause pleasure and desire among your child to examine every rock, plant, etc.

Suitable for pre-compulsory and older ages.


Assessment includes:

Binoculars - 4x magnification with a diameter of 30 mm

Contains soft rubber eyepieces, vibration stabilizer, adjustable focus and easy and comfortable grip.

Compass - for orienting oneself in space and finding the north and has a lid for protection against scratches and blows.

Magnifying glass - transparent that magnifies 3 times.

Folding research box - for viewing leaves, plants, insects, stones, etc.

Has a magnifying glass in the lid which magnifies 5 times.

Small net - for catching insects and examining them. Of course they have to be released back into the wild!

Drawstring bag - into which we will put and store all the tools. Convenient and easy to carry.