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Vitalis Premium Condoms Delicious Range of Shapes Sizes Colors and Flavors

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Have fun. Play safe: with certified and quality controlled VITALIS premium condoms. Available in a delicious range of shapes, sizes, colors and flavors-plus a variety of tantalizing textures and luscious lubricants.

  • Condoms made of natural rubber latex, 
  • transparent, lubricated with reservoir end.
  • Nominal width: 53mm 
  • Length: 180mm 
  • Wall thickness: 0.07mm 
  • Lubricant: Silicon 
  • Form: cylindrical 
  • Quality: ISO 4074:2002

Premium quality means for us to look for the best components on all stages of the production:

  1. Source only first class, pure, natural latex rubber, carefully selected by our technical stuff.
  2. All condoms are manufactured from our unique high-performance latex-based compound.
  3. Produce on the most technically advanced state-of-the-art-German-engineered machinery.
  4. Consumer presentation is also important. Modern packaging is designed to be eye-catching and appealing, while giving good protection to the contents.
  5. Stringent internal quality control means that our production methods and systems exceed the industry norm: ISO 4074.

Condom Types:

Stimulation & Warming

  • Hot sex! Turn up the heat with the warming effect condom. 
  • The ultimate in fiery fun.


  • For the ultimate climax: The condom with sophisticated ribbed design stimulates a woman's erogenous zones.
  • A thrill you can feel!


  • Stimulate to the max: the condom with ribs AND dots boosts pleasure for both partners. 
  • The anatomical design ensures a perfect fit-every time.


  • Safety, pure and simple! This tear resistant condom is made from 0.09mm latex-letting you  take your passion to another level.
  • For effective protection with no lust lost.


  • Need a little more? This extra large condom is 57 mm wide and over 190 mm long.
  • The King of Condoms.

Color & Flavor

  • Bring color to your love life. 
  • The condom with a range of flavors and colors: for variety that adds spice to the bedroom. 
  • Rainbow fun for every taste.

Super Thin

  • Even more tingle, same safety: the ultra-thin condom.
  • Combines intense pleasure with reliable protection.  For the sexiest sensations!