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WaterBasics RED Line Filter Bottle

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  • Be ready for any emergency with the WaterBasics RED Line Filter Bottle!

  • Certified removal of viruses, bacteria, and parasites to EPA standards.

  • Easily refill it over 750 times from any water source. Certified filtration for 120 gallons (over 450 L)

  • One simple filter does it all! the Series II filter design allows it to integrate with any WaterBasics bottle.

  • WaterBasics RED Line Filter Bottle accepts any Series II replacement filter.

  • Lead free (NSF/ANSI-372), BPA free, iodine free, and chemical free.

  • Pack a RED Line Filter Bottle in your pack, car bug out bag and be ready for any water emergency.

The WaterBasics RED Line Filter Water Bottle will protect you and keep you hydrated in case of an emergency. Easily refill it over 750 times from any water source for certified removal of virus, bacteria, Cryptosporidium, Giardia, chemicals, chlorine, and unwanted taste and odor.

The bottle includes a convenient finger ring for easy filling and carrying. The bite valve stays clean thanks to the rigid dust cap covering it. To assist the water flow through the filter, just squeeze the bottle.

The WaterBasics RED Line Filter Bottle incorporates Aquamira's patented Mixed Media Filtration Technology, which is a unique combination of the most advanced filtration materials and media science available today.

The multi-stage filtration system incorporates the power of electro-positive charge differential that “pulls” particles as small as viruses out of the water stream, while still maintaining excellent flow.

This technology has been thoroughly tested and certified by IAPMO to remove protozoan cysts, bacteria, and virus to US EPA standards, without the need for complicated “back-flushing” requirements or the usage of disinfecting chemicals such as chlorine, bromine, or iodine.

The design also reduces the presence of harmful chemicals, bad tastes, and odors in the water to ANSI/NSF – 42 requirements and has been tested and proven effective in reducing Cyanotoxins such as Microcystin produced by algae blooms in the Great Lakes, something no hollow fiber filter can do.

The innovative leak free bottle incorporates our patented “Bite-Me” valve, a dust cover and is squeezable to increase flow.

The WaterBasics RED Line Filter Water Bottle is certified lead free (NSF/ANSI-372) and is BPA free, iodine free, and chemical free.



  • Flow rate: up to 500 ml/min.

  • Volume: 22 oz. (663 mL)

  • Protective cap helps keep the patented Bite Me™ valve clean.

  • Easily fits into bug out bags, emergency kits, or other gear storage

  • Miraguard™ Antimicrobial* Technology suppresses the growth of bacteria, algae, fungus, mold and mildew within the filter media.

  • Filter made in the USA.



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