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Waterproof Cover for Casts and Bandages

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Waterproof Cover for Casts and Bandages

  • A sleeve that prevents wetting of a cast and/or bandage from Medic Spa.
  • Medipek is a reusable sleeve that allows bathing and keeping the affected area dry.
  • Effective in the shower and bath.
  • Latex free, for daily reuse.
  • Shield length: 68 cm

User manual:
When leaving the shower, it is recommended to wipe the sleeve to prevent water leakage.
After use, hang the sleeve in the shower until completely dry.
Be careful when walking on a wet surface with a medipak to avoid slipping.
Medipek is not intended for swimming in the pool or the sea.
Do not arrange and adjust the product during bathing, to prevent water ingress.