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Wrist And Palm Support BAyOS

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Wrist And Palm Support BAyOS

  • Helps prevent wrist injuries. Provides support for the joints of the palm.
  • Helps reduce hand pain through the combination of quality materials and material structure.
  • The rotation produces a four-way stretch that provides protection and support.
  • For weak and injured wrists and hands.
  • The product provides even pressure and support to the joint and also helps to reduce swelling and relieve pain.
  • Helps relieve pain, inflammation, sprain, promotes
  • improving blood circulation, rehabilitation and recovery from injuries, supporting joints and muscles.

The Wrist and Palm Support by BAyOS offers a range of benefits for individuals seeking wrist and hand support. This product helps prevent wrist injuries and provides much-needed support for the palm joints. With its unique combination of quality materials and thoughtful design, it effectively reduces hand pain. The support's rotating feature creates a four-way stretch, offering comprehensive protection and support. It is specially designed for weak and injured wrists and hands, providing even pressure and support to the joints. Additionally, it aids in reducing swelling, relieving pain, and addressing inflammation and sprains. By promoting improved blood circulation, it supports rehabilitation and recovery from injuries while providing essential support to the joints and muscles.