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20 Bandaids with Blood Clotting Agent

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3.00 Grams
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  • Stops bleeding fast.
  • Protects the wound without sticking to it.
  • Allows an effective healing process.
  • 100% Waterproof.
  • Flexible bandaid.
  • Skin color.
  • For light wounds and surface cuts.
  • 3"x3/4" size (7.2cm x 1.9cm).
  • Easy to open and apply.
Instructions of Use
  1. Clean and disinfect the wound area.
  2. Dry wound and surrounding area thoroughly.
  3. Cut to appropriate size if necessary.
  4. Position the bandaid and gently press over the skin.
  5. Change daily or as necessary.
  6. Discard after one use.
  7. Use of the product on children will be made by an adult.
  • 5
    Clotting Band Aids

    Posted by montanamanx on 24th Oct 2023

    These band aids work GREAT!! My wife bleeds very easy & it is hard to get her bleeding to stop. These band aids WORK!!!

  • 5
    Top on the line.

    Posted by Stephen Brock on 23rd Dec 2021

    The best in the world. Top marks.

  • 5
    Best bandaid, helps to stop bleeding of small cuts etc.

    Posted by Laurie D on 25th Nov 2020

    I ordered these once before and loved them. I have low Platelets and bleed easily on my hands and arms. These have helped to stop the continual bleeding! Life saver, not found here in the U.S. Glad I found them on Amazon!

  • 5
    Blood Stopper Bandages

    Posted by Farrokh on 25th Jun 2020

    Great product. I will be buying more.

  • 4
    Excellent Bandaids

    Posted by Sally Carkeet on 1st Aug 2018

    Blood clotting Agent Bandaids are excellent for older skin types who have thin fragile skin that if knocked will bleed profusely . Place one of these band ads on and the bleeding stops within 10 seconds light pressure to the wound assists with this. For young children they are wonderful in any first aid kit as they stop "that red stuff" pouring out quickly, which is distressing for the little ones. I would give them a 5 if they were a little longer in length. I find them a little short on bigger people