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Transparent Bandaids - 100 units

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50.00 Grams
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Transparent Bandaids - 100 units

  • Transparent bandaids / plasters - flexible from breathable materials.
  • 100 units in a case.
  • For sticking on dry and clean skin.
  • With the approval of the Ministry of Health.
  • High quality
  • Flexible
  • Durable

These high-quality transparent bandaids are perfect for everyday use. Made from breathable materials, these plasters are flexible and durable, making them ideal for those who need reliable wound care.
Each case contains 100 units, ensuring you always have a plentiful supply on hand. The plasters are designed for easy application to dry and clean skin, providing effective wound coverage without feeling bulky or uncomfortable.
Rest assured that these transparent bandaids have been approved by the Ministry of Health, ensuring they meet rigorous standards for safety and effectiveness. The transparent design allows for easy monitoring of the wound's healing progress, and the adhesive is gentle on the skin.
Whether you need to cover a small cut or a larger wound, these transparent bandaids provide excellent coverage and flexibility to ensure optimal healing. With their superior quality and durability, you can trust these bandaids to protect and heal your wounds with ease. Don't settle for less, choose these transparent bandaids for top-quality wound care.