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Do You Know Who This Cool Guy is?

Do You Know Who This Cool Guy is?

Posted by Israeli First Aid on 5th Feb 2019

Today Bernard Bar-Natan, the inventor of the Israeli Bandage visited us in our Tel Aviv Office. Bernard was a medic in the IDF and he found it strange that bandages were so simple and crude to use. He … read more
My choice of tourniquet: RMT tactical 1.5 inches

My choice of tourniquet: RMT tactical 1.5 inches

Posted by Sébastien Billard - First Aid & Emergencies on 4th Dec 2018

I procrastinated for a long time before choosing a tourniquet. I had no doubt about the interest of such equipment, but I had to find the ideal model. I finally opted for the tourniquet RMT M2inc, in … read more

Woundclot Trauma Gauze and Hemostatic Gauze

Posted by Sébastien Billard on 24th Oct 2018

When we talk about bleeding, the withers immediately comes to mind. But not all hemorrhages are garrotable (cases of wounds to the head, neck, chest, abdomen) and all are not serious to the point of r … read more
Celox Save Lives

Celox Save Lives

Posted by Celox on 17th Sep 2018

How Celox WorksCelox™ blood clotting granules are actually very high surface area flakes. When they come in contact with blood, Celox™ swells, gels, and sticks together to make a gel like plug, withou … read more

"C-A-T Gen 7 Saved My Life!"

Posted by Lord Lovat on 17th Sep 2018

Our customer shared us an emotional story how's the C-A-T Gen 7 saved his friend's life:"Shalom and good afternoon,As I told you months ago; A very good friend of mine recommended your page and p … read more

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