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Safeguard Medical International products

Safeguard Medical International products

Posted by Israeli First Aid Team on 25th Apr 2021

Israeli First Aid announces the release of a range of SAFEGUARD MEDICAL products.

Russell Compact Chest Seal - a large chest seal in a compact package.

HemCon® ChitoGauze® XR Pro - Z-Folded Haemostatic Gauze - up to 5 years shelf life - longer than most haemostatic gauzes.

Russell Adjustable Pelvic Splint - neoprene band with no internal stitching, one size fits all.

Team-8® Lightweight Stretcher - designed by former Special Forces medics. Robust yet lightweight & compact.

Prometheus PIN ® Intraosseous Needle (IO) - this is the first time that we have an intraosseous device in our range. A single needle solution - one size for all, including paediatrics.

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