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Cold & Hot Reusable Pack Relieves Pain and Reduce Swelling

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Cold & Hot Reusable Pack Relieves Pain and Reduce Swelling

  • The reusable Ice Power Cold / Hot Pack is an easily moldable and high quality pack.
  • The gel pack can be cooled down in a refrigerator or freezer for relieving pain, inflammation and swelling.
  • When treating non-inflammatory aches, the pack can be heated up in a hot water bath or in a microwave in a bowl filled with water and used as heat therapy.
  • Packing size: 29 x 12 cm

 Cold: Relieves pain and reduces swelling caused by injury. Sport injuries, acute inflammations etc. For cooling, store in a freezer or refrigerator for at least 2 hours. 

Hot: For non-inflammatory pain. Warm in a water bath (max + 80 Celsius degrees) for 5 minutes or in a microwave resistant dish filled with water for 1-2 minutes.