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Deluxe Outdoor Instr Tether - 9oz - Deluxe Combo (Snap/Velcro)

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100.00 Grams
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This flexible system features 3 mounting options and 3 attachment Accessories to customize your Gear Keeper to fit your needs.

Multiple mounting systems allow the Gear Keeper to be attached anywhere; in a pocket, to a D-ring or pack strap.

Disconnectable gear attachment system allows gear to be easily connected or removed from Gear keeper.

Retractable Tether

Great for Range Finders, GPS units, Dog Training Transmitters and Trackers, Radios and more.


One size fits all product for all your outdoor gear needs…Multiple mounting systems and attachment options – Gear can be left hanging, stored in a pocket or used with a pouch to prevent swinging or dangling.

Ultimate Mounting

Allows the Gear Keeper to be attached anywhere; Stud mount in a pocket, Snap clip to a D-ring, hook and loop strap to a pack strap or belt. Multiple attachment options allow for the ideal connection to the device.

Ease of Use

With Quick Connect - Q/C connector gear attachment system, allows your gear to be easily connected/disconnected from the Gear Keeper providing a no worry, easy use of gear during hunting, backpacking, fishing and more.

Heavy-Duty Design

High Tensile Spectra/Nylon line handles abuse and fatigue. QC pivot ball connection reduces fatigue at the bending joint, Stainless Steel Spring, hardware and rotating mounting systems provide for high break strength and durability.

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