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Disposable Skin Stapler Kit

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Disposable Skin Stapler Kit

The Skin Stapler Kit includes:

  • Visistat 35W Disposable Skin Stapler 

Disposable high-quality skin stapler with 35 wide stainless steel staples for external medical use only on skin!
Includes a transparent window through which the staple insertion process can be seen.
The precision instrument features a see-through window for better visibility and a patented non-stop feed mechanism for easy release and reduced jamming.
A reliable, durable and powerful device that is also used to remove the staples.
Size of each staple: 6.5 mm X 4.7 mm

  • Skin Staple Remover

Steel Jaws with Plastic Handles Single Use Staple Remover.
Single use staple remover made for and with the medical professional in mind.
A unique instrument especially designed for removing staples easily.
Suture removal is now as easy as doing the stapling with the new and improved staple remover.
The staple remover is made of high quality stainless steel with clean, sharp edges for increased strength and excellent removal action.
The plastic handles are made of rigid plastic, easy to hold and providing a better grip.

  • Stainless Steel Forceps (Tweezers)

- Made of Stainless steel.

- Used for extracting foreign objects from the body.

- Extremely useful for outdoor activity.

- For everyday usage.

 The Stainless-steel forceps are used for the extraction of objects from the body, both in medical and non-medical settings – which makes them suitable for any kit!

A must-have tool in any household or field trip.

Length: 100 mm (4”) long.

  • Alcohol Prep Pad Swabs 6.5 x 3cm

Single use alcohol pads for skin cleansing, and prevention of infection in minor injuries.

Medium size (6.5 x 3cm); 200 pads per package. 

- Sterile 2 ply non-woven pads.

- Saturated with 70% Isopropyl Alcohol.

- CE approved.

Sterile 2 ply non-woven pads. Each pad contains 70% Isopropyl Alcohol.

Useful for cleaning and preventing infection in minor injuries. For external use only. For professional and hospital use.