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Skin Stapler Sunmedix

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66.00 Grams
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Skin Stapler Sunmedix

  • Sterile medical skin clamp 35 pins
  • Surgical staple gun for skin sutures.
  • Designed for connecting tissues with staples to close a surgical wound.
  • Disposable, sterile.
  • Contains 35 pins.
  • Pin size: width 6.4mm, length 4mm.
  • ACOS model from SUNMEDIX, Korea.

The Sunmedix Skin Stapler is a sterile, disposable surgical staple gun that provides quick and efficient skin closure with reduced pain and discomfort for patients. It features a unique ratchet system that prevents jamming and contains 35 staples that are 6.4mm wide and 4mm long. 
It is a sterile single-use skin stapler evaluated as less jamming, less empty shot with less power for the operation. It can be applied to not only abdominal, gynecological, orthopedic and thoracic surgeries, but also for the great variety of other skin closures.