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First Aid Kit for Emergencies

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250.00 Grams
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First Aid Kit for Emergencies
The backpack comes with buckles for quick opening. Has carrying straps.
Includes a first aid briefing for the initial treatment of casualties.

  • Contents of the backpack:
  • Cotton wool 50 grams
  • Plaster in a roll 1 pc.
  • Sterile pad 7.5/7.5 cm 5 pcs
  • vein stopper 1 pc
  • Alcohol pad for disinfection 10 pcs.
  • Triangle for fixation 1 pc.
  • 3-piece stretchy band numbers 1 pc
  • Red backpack with buckles for quick opening and carrying strap
  • Latex gloves 2 pcs
  • Plastic tweezers 1 pc
  • Elastic bandage 5/4.5 cm 1 pc
  • Band-Aids 72/19 mm 1 pack

Introducing the First Aid Kit for Emergencies - your ultimate companion for handling unexpected situations with confidence and preparedness. This comprehensive kit is packed with essential medical supplies, and conveniently organized in a red backpack for easy access and portability.
The backpack design of this First Aid Kit ensures quick and hassle-free opening during emergencies. Equipped with sturdy buckles, you can swiftly access the supplies you need without wasting precious time. The carrying straps make it convenient to transport the kit wherever you go, ensuring that you're always prepared for any situation.
Included in this First Aid Kit is a first aid briefing, providing you with essential guidance on how to administer initial treatment to casualties. This informative resource will empower you to respond effectively in emergency situations, offering peace of mind and potentially saving lives.
Inside the backpack, you'll find a range of essential items to address common injuries and emergencies.
The contents include:

  • Cotton wool 50 grams: Ideal for wound cleaning and dressing.
  • Plaster in a roll 1 pc: Versatile adhesive strips for securing bandages.
  • Sterile pad 7.5/7.5 cm 5 pcs: Soft and sterile pads for wound dressing.
  • Vein stopper 1 pc: Convenient tool for stopping bleeding from minor wounds.
  • Alcohol pad for disinfection 10 pcs: Sterile pads to sanitize the affected area.
  • Triangle for fixation 1 pc: Used for immobilizing injured limbs or providing support.
  • 3-piece stretchy bandages 1 pc: Flexible and adjustable bandages for various uses.
  • Red backpack with buckles for quick opening and carrying strap: Convenient and durable backpack to store and transport the kit.
  • Latex gloves 2 pcs: Essential for maintaining hygiene and preventing cross-contamination.
  • Plastic tweezers 1 pc: Precise tool for removing splinters or foreign objects.
  • Elastic bandage 5/4.5 cm 1 pc: Elastic bandage for providing support and compression.
  • Band-Aids 72/19 mm 1 pack: Adhesive bandages for minor cuts and wounds.

Be prepared for emergencies and unexpected situations with the First Aid Kit for Emergencies. This all-inclusive kit ensures that you have the necessary supplies to handle minor injuries and provide initial treatment to casualties. Order your kit today and gain peace of mind knowing you're prepared to respond effectively in any situation.