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Fix-O-Band Elastic Net Bandage

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8.00 Grams
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  • Elastic net for wound dressing’s restraint.
  • Eight sizes, each for a different area.
  • Made of Elastomer strings, specifically designed to prevent untying and slipping.
  • Comes in one of 8 sizes, each designed to fit different body parts.
  • Allows free movement.
  • Allows easy access to the hurt area, for treatment of the wound.
  • Content: 1 meter stretched.
  • Blend: 84% synthetic 16% elastomer.

Product Information:
Fix-O-Band elastic net bandage for wound dressing restraint can be stretched and cut to fit the wounded area. Just choose the size you need, fit and cut the wanted length, and apply over the bandaged area. No need to change the net each time you clean the wound - just roll it back on the bandage once the treatment is done.