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Flow Stop - Kocher Clamp

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11.00 Grams
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  • Clamps and blocks all types of tubes.
  • Excellent for blood units, dialysis, I.V. sets, feeding tubes and removal of catheters.
  • Does not cut or damage the tube.
  • High quality plastic reinforced for maximum durability.
  • Withstands sterilization.

Flowstop is a hemostat clamp used for blocking the flow of fluids in dialysis, IV's, infusions and any tube needed to be clamped. It is made from unique materials, making it stronger and more durable than most Kocher clamps in the market. It is designed for best functionality and durability, and also replaces the use of a Kocher clamp.

The flow stop is excellent for blood units, dialysis, I.V. sets, feeding tubes and removal of catheters without damaging the catheter.

Flowstop is made of unique high quality plastic with a smooth finish for effective blockage of tubing without damaging it. The lock has several precision ratchets to accurately provide pressure as needed.

Length: 115mm (4.5”).

Weight: 11gr.

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