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Foldable Solar PowerBank with Flashlight 8000mAh

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250.00 Grams
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  • The solar charger will provide green energy wherever you are.
  • Charge your mobile device wherever there is no power outlet.
  • Foldable, lightweight, compact and with a 8000mAh solar panel for maximum solar energy utilization.
  • Massive leather cover for maximum luggage protection.
  • Includes a powerful LED flashlight on the back of the charger.
  • A perfect device for soldiers who are in the field and traveling.
  • Also great for hiking, camping and other outdoor activity. 
  • The device is environmentally friendly, non-polluting and utilizes available and natural energy.

Device Features:

2 USB ports

1 USB mini cable port.

1 LED flashlight three modes.

1 mini USB cable.

Solar Power: 1.5W x4 = 6W. 

Voltage: 5V-1.8A

Dimensions (folded): 150x80x25mm.

Dimensions (open): 360x80x10mm.

Weight: 375 g.


1. First press the main power button - 4 LED indicators for balance (1-25%, 26-50%, 51-75%, 76-100%), indicators will turn off automatically after 10 seconds without charging. (The fifth LED is for solar charging, it will turn green when the panel meets sunlight).
2. Lighting mode: Press and hold the main button and hold for 3 seconds to turn the headlights on / off; Short click again turned to SOS mode; Press the key again to switch to flashing mode.

Solar Power: 1.5V x 4 = 6V Battery: 8000mAg Li-Polymer Battery Output: Dual 5V == 2.1A (Max) Input: USB 5V == 1.8A (Max)

1. Charge the solar charger using a wall charger (5V2A). It is not recommended to charge with a computer because the output power is much more power (USB 2.0--5V0.5A, USB3.0--5V0.9A).
Make the right connection between the solar charger and your wall charger using a certified USB cable or the one provided.
Once connected, blue LED indicators continue to flash, indicating that the solar charger is in charge mode.
When fully charged, 4 LED indicators light continuously, LEDs light up after logging off. NOTE: When connecting, please select a certified adapter / cable, as some non-branded brands may result in a 50% power loss.
2. Charge the solar charger itself using solar power.
When the auto-sensitive lamp comes on green, expose the panel to sunlight (vertical direction) to get the maximum solar energy.
LED indicators are flashing blue which indicates that the solar charger is in charge mode. Note: The solar panel is for emergency use and extends battery life due to its low capacity, relatively small current on a cloudy day or indoors, it is recommended to charge it in full sun or plug it into a wall charger.
3. How to use a solar charger to charge mobile phones or other USB powered devices. Press the power button to display a battery balance, no output when the battery is low (LED continues to flash). Please charge the solar charger first. Make the appropriate connection between the solar charger and your devices using a certified USB cable or the one provided. Please check if your phone or USB-powered devices show a charging sign or not, otherwise press the power button again. Or try another USB cable.

1. We recommend loading it to full capacity when received, it does not support loading and unloading at the same time.
2. For connection , please use your original adapter / cable or cable provided by our company, as some non-branded data cables with high internal resistance will result in a 50% loss.
3. For safety, it is not recommended to place it on a car dashboard for use, as the temperature inside a car may rise to 60-75 ° C on sunny days.
4. Please charge it at least once every 60 days to avoid battery life.
5. Please treat it with care, and avoid hitting sharp objects or banging them heavily.
6. In the event of an electrical short, this product must not allow rain, water or fire.

Frequently asked questions and solutions

1. What if the solar charger fails to charge itself? A: Sometimes it will not claim if the sunlight is not strong, because the power generated by the solar panel is small and it will lose some power during the conversion; Besides the standby mobile device, it also leads to power reduction. So please expose the board under strong sunlight. The solar charger is for emergency use only.
2. Why can't I charge other external 5V devices? A: Make sure the connection between the solar charger and your device is secure. B: Make sure you still charge for the solar charger . If it is completely free, reload it and try charging your device again.
C: Make sure the solar charger's output current and adapter are compatible with your device. 3. Why can't I charge my Bluetooth device with a solar charger? A: The solar charger will not charge devices with input currents lower than 50mA , including Bluetooth and GPS devices. 4.
3. Can I use this power bank to charge two iPad / iPad Mini / iPad Air? A: No, iPad (9.7-inch screen) requires 5V2A per port, our power bank charging ports are 5V2.4A maximum. (Total for two ports). B: Please confirm the input voltage and current requirements of your devices (please refer to your device manual or product guide), otherwise the control system will close to prevent circuit board overheating.