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FullStop® Black Tourniquet

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138.00 Grams
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  • Can be applied within 90 seconds. 
  • Can remain secure wet or dry.
  • Is highly portable.
  • Can be applied to a range of limb circumference sizes.
  • Can be applied one handed.
  • Dedicated tab for noting time of application.
  • Can slide or be clipped onto limb.
  • Is made from a stretchable material that can self-adhere, and stays adhered.
  • Available in Tactical Black color.

The FullStop® is a hook and loop-based tourniquet that applies increasing pressure with each turn. Like an effective pressure dressing, the FullStop® works by increasing circumferential pressure with each sequential wrap of the material. The material must be pulled tight (ideally to the limit of its elasticity) and then once applied, the time of application can be written onto the end of the device.

Dimensions: 13cm x 5.5cm x 7cm.

Weight: 135g (140g Packaged).

Product shelf life: 5 years.