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High Quality Israeli Body / Hand Warmer Heat Pack (IDF-BW) — Lot of 10

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640.00 Grams
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High Quality Israeli Body / Hand Warmer Heat Pack

  • Average temperature 125ºF / 52ºC. maximum temperature 150ºF / 65ºC.
  • Heat duration: 20 hours.
  • Size 5" x 4" / 100mm x 130mm. Conveniently fits in your pocket, pouch or sleeping bag.
  • Used by the Israeli Defense Forces (developed specifically to the IDF's requirements).
  • Compliant with JIS-S-4100 Japanese standard as well.
  • Keep body heat high and helps prevent / treat Hypothermia at outdoor environments (camping, hiking etc.)
  • This Israeli body warmer was designed according to the IDF's field gear specifications and is also compliant with Japanese standard JIS-S-4100.Once opened and shaken a bit, it will provide heat of 105-150 ºF / 40º-65ºC with an average of 125 ºF / 52ºC, over 20 hours.
  • Place pack within pocket, glove, coat, sleeping bag, blanket etc for maximum heat.
  • Please note that as soon as you remove the heat pack it will immediately lose heat.