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Pair of Compact Hands/Gloves Warmer Heat Pack (2 Units)

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50.00 Grams
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  • 2 compact Hands/Gloves Warmer Heat Pack.
  • Average temperature - 124ºF / 51ºC. Maximum temperature - 154ºF / 68ºC.
  • Heat duration: up to 8 hours.
  • Heat Pack size: 5cm x 7cm / 2" x 3". Package size: 3" x 4.5" / 8cm x 12cm .Can be rolled or folded to fit smaller spaces. Will conveniently fit in a pocket, pouch, sleeping bag or preparedness kit.
  • Odorless, safe and disposable.
  • Keeps body / hand heat high and helps prevent / treat hypothermia at outdoor environments (camping, hiking, ski, etc.)  
The hand warmer maintains an average temperature of 124ºF / 51ºC. Maximum temperature - 154ºF / 68ºC.
Content is environmentally safe, non toxic and disposable with normal trash.
Sealed package can be stored for 3 years in a cool and dry place.
Directions for use:
Open package and expose to air, no kneading or shaking required for a few seconds.
Place pack within pocket, glove, coat, sleeping bag, blanket etc for maximum heat.
Please note that as soon as you remove the heat pack it will immediately lose heat.
For external use only. Do not place warmer directly on skin, heat may cause burns and injuries.
Use under careful supervision if used by children, elderly or handicapped people. Do not open inner pack.
If content comes in contact with skin, mouth or eyes, flush instantly with cold water and consult a physician. 
Ingredients: Iron powder, water activated carbon, vermiculite, wood powder, salt.