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Israeli Blood Clotting Agent Adhesive Gauze Pads

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Made by HemCon Medical Technologies Inc
These Gauze pads are the perfect solution for situation of large area surface wounds - especially for the knees and elbows. They contain MDOC - micro-dispersed oxidized cellulose. MDOC is a registered trademark of HemCon Medical Technologies Europe LTD. It is a blood clotting agent which stops bleeding from the wound. The pads are produced by HemCon Medical Technologies for an Israeli company, Tree of Life Pharma. Each pack sold contains 3 gauze pads.
Instructions of use: Thoroughly clean the wound with water or an antiseptic, repeat washing the wound several times if necessary. Place the padded side of the gauze pad on the wound and gently press the adhesive sides of the pad to the healthy skin around the wound. The gauze pad may be removed after bleeding stops, or remain on it and be replaced once a day until the wound is healed.
Pay attention: The product should be used only for its original purpose and as instructed in the instructions of use. Do not use the pad on your eyes and avoid contact of the pad with the eyes or other sensitive areas. In case of contact with the eyes, wash thoroughly with water. Do not use on thin skin, sensitive skin or irritated skin. In case signs of irritation, skin irritation or other reaction appears, stop use and seek a medical advise. People who suffer from skin diseases or are sensitive to on the products ingrediates - should advise with a doctor before use. In case the bleeding doesn't stop or in case of a serious injury, seek medical attention. Use of the product for children will be made only under adult supervision.
The dimensions are 90mm X 100mm (3.54 inches X 3.93 inches).
The pad itself (the part going directly on the wound, without the sticky part) is 45mm X 70 mm (1.77 inches X 2.75 inches).