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Jumping Rope (Skipping ) For Aerobic Exercise

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150.00 Grams
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Jump rope for strength and aerobic training.

Ball bearing system in the handles prevents the rope from twisting.

The is covered in PVC protection to provide durability and long life service.

Soft handles with foam grips ensuring strong and comfortable grip.

Ideal for weight loss, speed training, stamina exercise and endurance. 

The length of the rope is 9 feet / 270 cm. 

Health benefits: 

  1. Improves coordination - by requiring multipole body muscles too coordinate in order to complete the movement.
  2. Good for the heart - as jumping the rope is an aerobic exercise is great for for your cardiovascular system.
  3. Burns calories - jumping the rope can burn 400-600 calories in 30 minutes!
  4. Boosts bone strength - studies show that jumping rope can help increase bone density.