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RUSCH Asherman Chest Seal for Open Chest Injuries

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16.00 Grams
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  • For use in emergency situations with open pneumothorax wounds.
  • One-way valve is designed to let air and blood escape.
  • Pad allows to monitor the wound.
  • Strong adhesive.
  • CE approved.

More effective than regular petroleum gauze, the Asherman Chest Seal (ACS) is a standard issue for use in emergency situations with open pneumothorax wounds. The ACS is the one item every responder needs for the field treatment of open chest wounds. It features a circular design and a one-way valve, designed to let air and blood escape while preventing either from reentering. The clear pad design allows for a provider to easily monitor the wound. The strong pressure sensitive adhesive will create an effective seal regardless of amount of body hair.

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