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The Smart Card Anti-Radiation For Cellphones

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  • Protect yourself: On the average you will spend over 10 hours screen time a day with your mobile, laptop, tv, tablets, monitors, videogames and wifi. Protect yourself and your family from danger radiation with zone030 smart card. Attach the ZONE030 card to your TV set, Laptop, Computer Screen, and other radiation polluting appliances.
  • Your phones & electronic devices emit electromagnetic radiation that can cause potential health risks from headaches to high-risk pregnancy. Don’t buy "shield" or blocking sticker. If you wish to block, you want be able to use your phone. ZONE030 IS The only one with PATENTED radiation measurement method Tested by S.I.I and EUEROFINS: ZONE030 WAS SUCCESFULLY TESTED for efficiency before and after installation. Create a safe & healthy environment with the ZONE030 Smart Card.
  • NEUTRALIZE PHONES AND NETWORK DEVICES: For immediate protection, attach the adhesive card to your cell phone case, wifi router, wireless printer, Walkie Talkies and other Bluetooth devices.
  • LONG TERM PROTECTION: The Smart Card is effective for 5 years, covers a radius of approx. 1 cubic meter (1m³) & starts working immediately- no battery, electric or magnetic source required. You need only 1 zone030 sticker for each device. LOOK FOR YOUR UNIQUE SERIAL NUMBER THAT MARKED ON EACH STICKER AND JOIN THE FAMILY.