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Retractable Smart Phone Keeper

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100.00 Grams
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The RT5 Retractable Smart Phone Keeper is a smallest retractor with a combo mount.

Designed to work with all types of cell phones, stop worrying about losing or breaking your expensive phone. The retractor is strong, secure and compact. Ideal for Skiers, hikers, runners, backpackers or any other outdoor activity.

Uses a 3M adhesive and a pad-eye to make a mounting point on cell phone or protective case.

Strong, Secure & Compact

Gear Keeper's signature high break-force (40#) & saltwater-proof technolog

Easy to Attach

Flexible phone attachment & mounting options

Easy to Use

Low retraction force does not inhibit use of Smart Phone

Option 1:

Mount directly to phone

or smooth case surface with adhesive pad eye mount.

WARNING: If mounting to a phone case, insure the case is substantial enough such that phone will not fall out if dropped.

Option 2:

For rough, rubberized cases that adhesive may not stick to, cut a window for pad eye to attach directly to phone back.

Attach Pad Eye to Surface:

1 Clean surface and pad eye with alcohol swab

2 Attach pad eye with adhesive and press firmly

Adhesive bond strength increases over time. For best results, install 24 hours prior to use (bond strength 50% after 20 minutes,

90% after 24 hours).

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