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EARDOC™ Ear Massager Treats Ear Infections and Relieves Ear Pain - 6 Speeds

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EARDOC™ opens and ventilates the Eustachian tube, allowing drainage of accumulated fluids out of the middle ear – relieving ear pain immediately! Using the EARDOC™ is easy, safe and children friendly. The pain disappears in no time, and the infection is healed without antibiotics.

The Device

EARDOC™ is a non-invasive device for the treatment of middle ear infections (otitis media) and other conditions involving ear pain in children and adults.

EARDOC™ is a natural way to treat problems in the ear and not just symptoms such as pain and inflammation.

Use of EARDOC™ is easy, safe and children friendly. The pain in the ear disappears shortly after application, and the infection is healed without the need of medical intervention.

EARDOC™ is a superior emergency care device for travelling, office and home.


  1. Soft head for a better feel and effects
  2. Led light indicating EARDOC™ is on
  3. ON button with 10 frequency options
  4. OFF button (3 seconds press to turn off)
  5. Battery tray and cover (2 AA batteries)
  6. EARDOC™'s head curved shape is designed to fit behind the ear
  7. Dome design to transmit the vibration through the mastode bone.


EARDOC™ is a low-cost non-invasive safe-to-use device for the relief of ear pains with or without antibiotics:

  • EARDOC™ opens the Eustachian tube by shaking the Eustachian tube and its surrounding.
  • Opening the Eustachian tube and releasing trapped fluids removes the pressure on the eardrum.
  • EARDOC™ can be used for ear infections and otitis media but also trapped non infected fluids and plugged ears.
  • EARDOC™ works best for releasing features with low viscosity but can also reduce the pressure of glue ear (otitis media).
  • EARDOC™ can be used in conjunction with OTC/Rx analgesics.
  • The device does not cause any known drug interactions and has no side effects.
  • Eardoc™ is safe and effective for all ages above the age two years if used as recommended.
  • EARDOC™'s efficiency can be measured easily by an ENT doctor in his clinic by tympanometry tests, applying the tympanometer before and after the use of EARDOC™.
  • The device treats conditions often appearing in children, air travelers, swimmers and divers.

Use Instructions

EarDoc instructionsHow to use EARDOC™:

Insert 2 AA batteries according to signs (+) and (-) on the batteries and tray. Insert batteries in to EARDOC™ battery tray and close the lid.

  1. Turn EARDOC™ on by pressing the upper button. The blue light indicates that the device is on.
  2. By pressing the upper button, the frequency of vibrations will increase. EARDOC™ enables ten frequencies of vibrations. We recommend to start with low frequency and increase it as needed.
  3. Place EARDOC™ behind the ear (see figure on the right).
  4. Turn EARDOC™ off by pressing the lower button until it stops and the light turns off.


  • Use EARDOC™ only to relieve pain in the ear and only according to instructions.
  • Children under the age six of should use EARDOC™ with adult supervision.
  • Do not use in water
  • Do not use for children under six months old.
  • EARDOC™ does not replace medical treatment or medication.
  • If pain persists see a doctor.
  • Recommended to use while sitting.

Otitis Media Ear Condition

Otis media is a common condition that affects the middle ear, usually caused by bacterial or viral infections. Typically, an ear infection involves blockage of the Eustachian tubes (narrow passages that connect each middle ear to the back of the throat), responsible for normal secretion drainage from the ear and regulation of air pressure between the outside and the middle ear. When the Eustachian tubes are blocked, fluid accumulates in the middle ear causing an ear infections.

How does EARDOC™ treat an ear infection?

EARDOC™ generates and transmits vibration waves to the middle ear and the Eustachian tube. The waves travel through the mastoid bone to middle ear and open the clogged Eustachian tubes, allowing drainage of accumulated fluids in the middle ear and relieving the associated ear pain. Draining the fluids and air accumulated in the middle ear reduces the pain, heals the inflammation, and brings quick and effective relief.


EARDOC™ was tested on patients complaining of ear pains. Tympanometry identified fluids in the middle ear as the cause of pains.

The patients were divided inro two groups A and B. Patients of group A were treated with antiobitics, pain relief medications or just left for natural recovery. Patients of group B were treated with EARDOC™ - when the patients felt pain the device was applied for 3 to 8 minutes.

In the figure below the effects of treatment of the two groups of patients are compared.

Eardoc evidence

An European university carried out a study on the influence of EARDOC™. The level of fluids in the middle ear was determined by an audiometer. In group A were children with ear infections but without middle ear fluids that were not treated by EARDOC™. In group B were childen with middle ear infections and/or fluids that were treated by EARDOC™.

Graph - number of children without middle ear fluid before and after the treatment by EARDOC™.

EARDOC children survey

As seen in the graph above the number of children with middle ear fluid decreased significantly after treatment by EARDOC™, whereas in children with ear infections that were not treated middle ear fluids accumulated.

A satisfaction survey indicates that 94% of EARDOC™ users felt pain relief and 89% will use it again in similar conditions.

Eardoc survey

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    Posted by Nunza Gonzava on 10th May 2023

    It worked . Fast relief.

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    Excellent product

    Posted by Vitaliy Kulikov on 8th Jul 2022

    Excellent product with excellent quality. Besides easy removing water, it takes off stress and tension.

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    Posted by Linda on 12th May 2022

    finally found the solution to my ear problem while flying. Easy to use and very recommended

  • 5
    Amazing product!

    Posted by Dustin on 3rd Jan 2022

    It's not immediate but it works great for improving circulation and prevents ear infections.

  • 5

    Posted by Robin on 8th Mar 2021

    Very helpful tool. The EarDoc has helped reduce a problem with pressure and decreased drainage in my Right ear better than anything. Being consistent in using it will make the difference. Thank you Israeli First Aid for providing it.