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Foldable Solar Camouflage USB Charger 7W

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430.00 Grams
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  • The mobile phone battery is running out and you don't have a power point available?
  • Connect the device with USB cable to the solar charger - and charge it anywhere.
  • Foldable, lightweight, compact, and with a monocrystalline panel that enhances solar utilization.
  • A perfect device for soldiers who are in the field and traveling.
  • Also great for Midburn attendees, festivals, trekking and more.
  • The device is environmentally friendly and utilizes available and natural energy.
  • Power: 7 watts.
  • Voltage: 5V-1A.
  • Dimensions (folded): 230x160x15 mm.
  • Dimensions (open): 230x490x10 mm.
  • Weight: 430 g.
  • The color of the cover may vary, according to availability.