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Headoc™ Relieves Stress Migraines Headaches and Anxiety

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HEADOC™ combines 3 technologies to address problems caused by modern lifestyle - in a simple and effective way.

three technologies of Headoc P


The 3 technologies HEADOC™ is using are not new technologies and are used in many applications separately.

Each technology (Negative Ions, Red Light Photo-Therapy, and Vibrations) is approved for use by the FDA, CE and others. HEADOC™ is produced according to ISO and GMP standards, and all materials used in HEADOC™ are of medical grade.

 Headoc Cream application

The Device

HEADOC™ is a non-invasive device that addresses problems caused by the modern lifestyle:

  • Relief of headache
  • Reduction in muscle tension
  • Improvement of blood flow
  • Skin regeneration


 Headoc components 3n3

Treated Disorders

HEADOC™ is designed primarily to treat migraines, headaches and stress.

However it combines technologies that are used for other problems:

  • Fatigue
  • Anxiety
  • Distress
  • Cramped muscles

In addition it has positive effects on memory, cognitive functions and skin regeneration.

Use Instructions

HEADOC™ is an innovative device designed to treat migraines, headaches and stress. HEADOC™ has an accessory (cosmetic cap) for application of creams, oils and ointments on to the skin to improve tissue penetration and creams' absorbency in the skin.

How to use HEADOC™:

  1. Turn HEADOC™ on by pressing the upper button V(2). This will turn vibrations on. By pressing the V(2) button again you can increase the frequency of vibrations 3 times. The last pressing turns the vibrations off.
  2. To turn on the red light irradiation press the R(3) button and a red indication bulb will light-up. By pressing the R(3) button again you can increase the level of red light irradiation  3 times. The last pressing turns the red light irradiation off.
  3. To turn on the negative ions , press the N (4) button and a blue indicator bulb (1) will light up.  Air with negative ions comes out from the head (7) and from the shutter exit(6). Air enters from both sides through (5).
  4. Place the head of HEADOC™(7) on your forehead or other parts of your head, but not on your eyes when they are open.
  5. You can also use the "forehead accessory (9)" to get a stronger vibration effect.
  6. To use HEADOC™ for application of ointments on to the skin insert the cosmetic cap (10) on the head.
  7. When you finish using HEADOC™ turn off its functions . Check that there are no vibrations and no indication light (1) is on.
  8. HEADOC™ can be used few times a day, for up to 20 minutes each time.
  9. It is recommended to use HEADOC™ while sitting.

Battery and charging guidelines:

Before the first use charge HEADOC™ for 4-5 hours using the USB cable connected to the back of HEADOC™ (8) , and connected to a computer or regular mobile charger (not included).

For preserving the battery when HEADOC™ is not used regularly, it is recommended to charge it every 3 months and use it for a short time.

Care and Maintenance:

  • When not in use store HEADOC™ in its carry bag in a cool and dry place.
  • Avoid direct sunlight and heat sources.
  • HEADOC™ can be cleaned by damp cloth or dry tissue. Clean the outer surface only.
  • HEADOC™ should not be put in water or other liquids.
  • Do not use benzine, thinner, or gasoline to clean HEADOC™.
  • Store HEADOC™ at the temperature of  5 to 45 degrees centigrade.


  • Use HEADOC™ only according to instructions.
  • HEADOC™ does not replace healthcare professionals, medical treatment or medication.
  • Do not point the red light toward your eyes or the eyes of other people.
  • Keep away from the reach of children under the age of six.
  • Children under the age of six should use HEADOC™ only with adult supervision.
  • Do not disassemble or remodel HEADOC™.
  • Do not use HEADOC™ in water.

Maintenance and spare parts:

Do not open the case or try repair HEADOC™ by yourself or by other unauthorized people. If a defect occurs consult our customer service or an authorized dealer.


HEADOC™ combines 3 technologies to address problems caused by modern lifestyle - in a simple and effective way:

  • Negative ions - positive effect on cognitive performance and mood
  • Red light photo-therapy - skin rejuvenation and energy metabolism in muscles and bones
  • Vibration therapy - relief of stress and fatigue


Headoc 3 technologies

Negative Ions

Negative ions are natural molecules found in nature, which improve cognitive functions and affect mood and depression. They are around us in the air all the time, but their concentration is low and their influence minor. HEADOC™ generates higher level of negative ions concentration, thereby positively affecting mood.

Research of the influence of negative ions has given rise to a large industry that makes use of the properties of negative ions. Many products apply negative ions technology, such as bands and bracelets, used by well-known professional athletes or air purifiers and filters.

Great discovery, funny story

Research of the influence of negative ions goes back as far as 1932! An engineer by the name of Clarence Hansell is the pioneer of ionized air research. Every discovery has an interesting story and so does this one – while working in a radio laboratory, he noticed his colleagues’ mood changed in accordance with the ions their equipment was generating. When the equipment generated negative ions his colleagues were happy and energetic. When the equipment generated positive ions their mood was gloomy and depressed. Following this observation Hansell researched the effect of negative ions throughout his life. Recent studies support his conclusions, showing that negative ions can be used to treat and even prevent depression. In addition to affecting depression, negative ions show improvement in many other cognitive functions and performance.

Negative Ions 1

Learn better, remember more, and feel well

Studies in the 1980’s show that negative ions improve memory performance in children (Morton and Kershner, 1984) and also have positive effect on decision making (Baron, 1987). A research from 1992 indicates that the balance of positive and negative ions has an effect on physical and psychological health, with the negative ions playing a positive role (Andrade, 1992).

Negative ions have been shown to decrease the amount of accidents in industry and traffic, shortened human reaction time, and alleviated depressions. They have led to decrease in crime, suicide, and lowered irritability and bad mood. Positive ions, on the other hand, have bene shown to have corresponding opposite effects (Charry and Hawkinshire, 1981).

Another research concluded that atmosphere with reduced concentrations of negative ions leads to an increase of more than 50% complaint rate of headache, nausea and dizziness compared with a atmosphere saturated with negative ions (Hawkins, 1981).

Negative Ions

Some studies on negative ions and their positive effects

  • Morton, L. L., & Kershner, J. R. (1984). Negative air ionization improves memory and attention in learning-disabled and mentally retarded children. Journal of Abnormal Child Psychology, 12(2), 353-365. doi:10.1007/BF00910673
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  • Hawkins, L. H. (1981). The influence of air ions, temperature and humidity on subjective wellbeing and comfort. Journal of Environmental Psychology, 1(4), 279-292. doi:10.1016/S027


Negative Ions Animation

Red Light Photo Therapy

Red Light gif

Red light photo-therapy is widely used for beauty care in professional and home cosmetic devices. Red light treatments contribute to skin regeneration, lead to better composure of the skin and smooth minor wrinkles.

In the medical industry, red light photo therapy has many uses. Research has shown that red light is related to metabolism in muscles, bones and other tissues. It has been suggested that astronauts can use LED blankets to prevent muscle and bone atrophy (degeneration of cells).

Used by NASA

NASA uses red light therapy as means to “improve the medical care that is available to astronauts on long term missions in space”. Research indicates that red light therapy can improve wound healing by energizing skin and tissue and increasing cellular activity; enhance regeneration of skin and tissue affecting growth factor synthesis; improve skin elasticity and integrity assiting the body in the production of collagen on its own.

Red Light 1

What has red light phototherapy to do with stress and anxiety?

Well, to explain in simple words – a healthy mind in a healthy body means not only being healthy, but also feeling good. We all know about bad days and how compliments can improve our feelings. So, making our skin look and feel better is a great way to get those compliments going. More than a beauty characteristic, healthy skin improves your blood flow and moistures your tissues.

Vibration Therapy

Vibration therapy has many uses, both in medical use and alternative treatments or home-care. Vibration therapy can be used for stress relief, pain relief and many other uses. In HEADOC™ vibrations assist in the reduction of pain and anxiety levels and improving blood flow.

Vibration therapy is widely spread in many forms of home use and alternative care. Many devices and instruments use vibrations to provide relief and improve blood flow. Vibrations can treat sore muscles and other pains. Vibration therapy can be found in hand held devices, massage sticks, couches and beds.

Vibration therapy is now a well-known alternative for a professional massage, especially with tight budget and time constraints. There are many devices for home massage, most of them simple vibrators.

HEADOC™’s vibration technology

HEADOC™ makes use of the advantages of vibration therapy for anxiety and pain relief and for improving sleep. HEADOC™’s vibration intensity can be easily adjusted to suit the level you feel comfortable with. At any frequency, HEADOC™ vibrations enhances the effects of the other technologies applied by HEADOC™.

HEADOC™’s vibration mode enables using the device as a cream and oil applicator, massaging the skin and helping the cream penetrate the skin and its pores. The cream applicator is a standard part of Headoc™, and can be used for beauty creams, massage oils, and other ointments designed for skin application.

Vibration 1

A little bit of science

Vibrations have been known for a long time as a stress reliever, used in ancient techniques of massage and alternative care. Vibration therapy can improve blood flow in the body (White, 2007) and a reduce levels of anxiety, depression and pain. Immune system functions are enhanced and sleep quality during the night improves (Lund, 2000. Poust, 2013. Field T., 2011.)

Researches over the years have shown massage and vibrations to cause lowered levels of catecholamine and stress hormones (cortisol) as well as decrease in adrenaline and noradrenaline.



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Headoc Cream application2


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