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Rusch GreenLite Single-Use Laryngoscope Blade

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30.00 Grams
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Laryngoscopy is endoscopy of the larynx, a part of the throat. It is a medical procedure that is used to obtain a view, for example, of the vocal folds.

Rüsch® Single-Use Laryngoscopes offer the weight and feel of a reusable blade with the convenience of a single-use blade. Rüsch® Standard Single-Use Blades also eliminate the hassles of reusable blades, including the time and cost of reprocessing, without sacrificing strength or light quality.

Ideal as a solution for hospitals and emergency rooms services who wish to have a low cost, disposable handle available for placement in crash carts or other infrequent-use environments.

  • Solid metal construction from tip to heel.
  • Reliable “click” locking mechanism.
  • Packaging is color-coded by size for easy identification.
  • Hight quality.

The blade is later on attached to the handle as can be seen below: