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Russell Adjustable Pelvic Splint made of Neoprene Rubber

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Russel Adjustable Universal single-use Pelvic Splint.

  • A neoprene band with no internal stitching, which aims to reduce the risk of pressure ulceration and tissue damage.
  • Tightening straps are fastened to the neoprene using secure hook material.
  • Device is one size fits all, and can be trimmed using scissors.
  • The device can be applied and adjusted by a single operator.
  • The device allows access to the abdomen and groin for urinary catheterization and for accessing the femoral vein.
  • The device is single use (disposable).
  • Complete instructions for use on the package.
  • Non-sterile, in a sealed bag.
  • FDA & CE certified.

The Pelvic Splint consists of a central strap made of neoprene with two straps running through a central buckle. When aligned around the pelvis and a compressive force is applied, stabilisation of the pelvis can be achieved.