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Skin Staple Remover

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14.00 Grams
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Single Use Skin Staple Removers

Steel Jaws with Plastic Handles Single Use Staple Remover.
Single use staple remover made for and with the medical professional in mind.
A unique instrument especially designed for removing staples easily.
Suture removal is now as easy as doing the stapling with the new and improved staple remover.
The staple remover is made of high quality stainless steel with clean, sharp edges for increased strength and excellent removal action.
The plastic handles are made of rigid plastic, easy to hold and providing a better grip.

Designed for medical professionals, Single Use Skin Staple Removers feature steel jaws and plastic handles. With clean, sharp edges, these high-quality stainless steel instruments provide excellent staple removal action. The plastic handles are made of rigid plastic, ensuring a comfortable grip and easy handling. The unique design makes staple removal as effortless as the initial stapling process. Each remover is intended for single use, ensuring hygiene and safety. Simplify suture removal with our reliable and convenient Single Use Skin Staple Removers.