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Stopper After Itch - Bandaids for Insect Stings

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Stopper After Itch - Bandaids for Insect Stings

  • Suitable for sticking on all skin types.
  • For use from 3 years of age and older.
  • Enriched with aloe vera

Stopper After Itch is a medical accessory in the form of a hydrogel patch.
For sticking on the skin to relieve itching, irritation and pain resulting from insect bites.
Contains active ingredients that provide relief from itching,
the pain and the feeling of irritation by moisturizing and cooling the skin.
Creates a physical protective layer on the damaged and irritated area which protects the skin from dust,
Dirt carried in the air and other environmental hazards, thus keeping the area clean.
Also, the product prevents self-scratching of the irritated area.
This prevents its aggravation and its transformation into a contaminated and bleeding wound.
*Please refer to the consumer leaflet before use.