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Acne Treat Patch

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Acne Treat Patch

Bond for sticking on the skin to treat acne - Acne Treat Patch.
Acne Treat Patch is a medical bandage to stick on the skin to aid in the treatment and relief in cases of pimples or acne.
Contains active ingredients whose action, calms the area, shrinks the pores, reduces redness and milk secretion, and reduces the typical tingling and irritation sensation by moisturizing and cooling the skin.
Finally, Acne Treat Patch creates a physical protective layer on the acne that protects the skin from dust, dirt carried in the air, and other environmental hazards, thus keeping the area clean.
Also, the product prevents self-scratching (or "explosion") of the acne, thus preventing the worsening of the acne into a contaminated and bleeding wound.

  • For use from age 10 and up
  • Contains lactic acid and glycolic acid
  • Enriched with tea tree oil
  • 24 legends.