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Readyman Trauma Tourniquet Belt

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350.00 Grams
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Every day carry doesn't just mean knives and flashlights - it also mean carrying around something for medical emergencies. Trauma, blood loss, and limb damage are the top reasons for death, which can be totally prevented with the proper use of a tourniquet. That's why we're carrying the Trauma Belt - an everyday carry solution for medical needs, while also giving you the utility and ubiquity of a thick belt!

The Trauma Belt is a thick, highly durable, and flexible belt that also acts as an extremely effective tourniquet. Regular belts simply can't provide enough tightening torque to cut off blood flow, and even with the use of an impromptu windlass: a loose grip can cause it to unwind in an instant. The Trauma Belt was made with these issues in mind. It includes a low-profile windlass built into the belt to get those precious few inches of tightening power, with hooks on either end that secure back into the belt, holding the windlass in place (which means another free hand for you to help yourself or the victim).

The belt is also very stable when secured around your waist, so you can still use it with your every day carry holsters. And to hold up your pants, too.


1.5" Width
Material: Biothane
Belt Sizes:
XL (Waist Size: 39-43)
2XL (Waist Size: 43-47)

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